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I have just started writing a column for the Beaufort Observer. it is an on line newspaper with about 50,000 hits daily

Please join me there. My column is titled


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Obama And Putin?

Today President Obama meets with Russian President Putin in a private discussion. I remember the accidentally recorded conversation in March 2012 when Obama told a Russian Diplomat to “Tell Putin wait until he was elected for a second term because he will have more flexibility then”
I do not know but I have major concerns what the President will promise Russia and how that promise will affect America.
attached is a link to the incident
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So let me understand……. Syria

The Administration is indicating it plans to help the Rebels in Syria in some expended way beyond humanitarian aid.  It has determined the Syrian Government has used chemical weapons killing about 200 rebels and families.  The Administration has indicated there are no plans for a “no fly zone’.  Let us look at some facts:

·         Is there a strategic reason to enter this war? I cannot think of one.

·         Is it in the US interests to become involved? Cannot think of a reason.

·         Is there an economic reason for getting involved? Cannot think of one

·         Is there a political reason to get involved?  Aside from not allowing a Russian ally to stay in power, I cannot think of one.

·         Is it is for humanitarian reasons as the loss of life from Chemical Weapons as the Administration says?  If so, why when over 90,000 men women and children were killed in the war prior to the chemical attacks, did we stay out of militarily?

·         It has been proven at a good part of the Rebels (admittedly not all), have direct ties to Al- Qaeda. Do we really want to arm them with surface weapons to take down airplanes?  There is no way the Rebels can protect them and before long they could be used against planes at Western airports

·         Speaking of humanitarian concerns, if the Rebels take control and set up an Islamic State who will protect the Christians and other people living in Syria. Many minorities are being persecuted in other Islamic states.

·         If the Arabic Nations in the area are so concerned why not commit the squadrons of F-15’s the Turks and the Saudis have to enforce a no fly zone?

Do we really want to commit American Treasure (our military) into a protracted war with an Administration that runs from military actions and ties the hands of our fighting forces in combat?

Increase our involvement in Syria???

You Decide!!!

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So let me understand……… Black Boxes in Cars?

The Federal Government (National Highway and Transportation Administration) is trying pressure car makers to put in “black boxes” in the new cars. They claim it is to allow them to get accurate information from accidents similar to the black boxes in airplanes. They would be tracking vehicle speed, whether a driver tried to step on the brakes before a crash, information about engine throttle, air bag readiness before a crash, and whether seat belts were buckled.

With the Feds monitoring our phones, emails, Face Book etc, do you really want them know that info about your driving habits. In addition, I am sure they also will be able to track you exact location in real time and accumulate a trip log on you. This is similar to what they can now do with certain cell phones. In addition, this might also provide information for a vehicle usage tax that is occasionally bantered about at the federal and States levels.

Also consider how this additional data can be misused for political or other reasons. Based on the IRS actions, do you really trust the Feds with additional data from our private lives?

Saves lives?     Unwarranted Further Government intrusion?    Another way to get money out of us?

 You Decide!!!

Source of report


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So let me understand……. The Morning after Pill

With little fanfare the Obama Administration announced it would no longer fight a Federal Judge’s ruling that allows the sale of the ‘Morning after Pill” to girls of any age.  The Judge had ruled that the age the Administration was using for sales to teenagers (15) was arbitrary. He and removed any age restriction.

So as I understand it, I need to go to the desk and ask for certain cough or sinus medications as they are stored behind the counter to avoid abuse. However, any 11, 12, 13 or older teenager can go pick up the pill stocked on shelves on the floor.  A young girl can buy these pills without restriction but must have a photo ID and proved she is at least 18 or 21 to buy cigarettes or beer. (Depends on the state you live in)

Do they honestly expect the young girl to read all the side effects? Do they have enough studies to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, these pills will have no long term effect on the girl’s reproductive system? Should the pill at least be dispensed by prescription for minors under 16?  What about parental rights to know for 11-14 year old girls?  Is this not a way to allow pedophiles greater chances to abuse children then give them a pill to “erase” some of the evidence from statutory rape?

Has the Federal government gone too far in interfering with parental rights?  Are they endangering children?  Are they encouraging sex at an even earlier age?

 You Decide!!!

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So let me understand……. The price of Government mistrust

What I am about to suggest is not based on anything but the Feds intrusive and thuggish behavior. For a minute, go back to the Supreme Court decision on Obama Care. Chief Justice Roberts was the swing vote in approval of The Affordable Care Act. He looked like he was up all night debating his final decision. Remember, he decided the Mandate was a tax and therefore Constitutional. Even though the Administration and all Democrats denied from the beginning it was a tax.

Consider recently, there are multiple scandals involving Government spying and keeping records on individuals. In addition, there were incidents of bullying or threatening individuals as with the IRS actions. Remember it was the IRS that released conservative donors to the Left so they could be targeted for harassment.  That pattern is duplicated by the EPA. Our Government’s pattern is to take an illegal action, and initially deny, claiming no responsibility.  Later fight exposure of the facts, distort facts and blame on others.  (Does President Bush is at fault or also did it sound familiar?)

Based on all the above is it too far outside the box to make a hypothetical that asks the possibility that Chief Justice Roberts was in fact upset because the Government found something in their data mining about him or his family that was used to force him to vote in favor of Obama Care?

When Government fosters mistrust in both their words and actions anything is believable and possible.

Is this Possible?    Is it Probable?    Is it a Fairy Tale?

You Decide!!!

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So let me understand……. Trust In Government?

Last week the President said the nation had a problem if the people did not trust the Legislature, executive branch or the Courts.  Lets us look at the facts: we should have trust when:

1.       The IRS targets specific groups of Americans for political purposes.

2.       The IRS publishes income tax returns of political conservative groups  so their donors can be targeted by the Left

3.       People take the 5th rather than explaining their roles in IRS Scandals

4.       The Government blames the IRS issue on 2 agents knowing full well I traces back to Washington DC

5.       Millions of dollars wasted on lavish parties by IRS and other agencies

6.       The Government lies to the people about secretly collecting telephone, e mail and Face book information on everyday Americans.

7.       Congress demonstrates shock about the data mining and later we find out they were fully briefed

8.       The Justice Department lies to a secret court about a reporter being a co conspirator and a flight risk so they can get approval to secretly look at his and his family’s phone records and e mails looking for the person who leaked classified information

9.       Similar lies used to tap phone records of the Associated Press.

10.   The Justice Department shopped 3 judges to get someone to approve the warrant on the reporter mentioned in #6

11.   It turns out the secret court there to protect our freedoms approved 99% of secret requests

12.    The Administration continues to hide facts and lie about what happened in Benghazi

13.   The Administration blamed the events in Benghazi on a video tape knowing full well it was not.

14.    The Government continues to spend way more than it takes on and sees no immediate problem

15.   Congress is ineffective and does little or nothing

16.   The Courts are more concerned about the rights of the guilty rather than the victim

17.   The Courts continue to make law rather than interpret them

Trust our Government???

 You Decide!!!

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