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So let me understand……… The Press

So let me understand……… The Press seems to feel they have a special status that makes them more important than everyone else. Cases in point: Continue reading

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Media Outrage in NY

So let me understand this. The Journal News, a paper that covers Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York, has published a list of all registered gun owners in those counties and their addresses. In addition, they have set up a website where someone can go and check addresses to see who has gun permits in an area. Let us see what they have accomplished Continue reading

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The Slanted Press

I am afraid what the Main Stream Press is doing should frighten each and every American. This is not an issue over who won the election. This affects supporters of either Obama or Romney. Continue reading

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Modern Day Version of the Ant and the Grasshopper

This was shared with me by Jaan White. It was written by Erika Nolan and Jeff Opdyke and is worth reading A conversation we had here in Uruguay – after the bottle of Scotch – recalls a modern version of … Continue reading

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A Double Standard for Fund Raising?

The Liberal Press is having a field day speculating on the Cain – Gingrich Debate in Texas Saturday. Some are questioning if there was a charge to attend the debate. Continue reading

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The Press And Its Unequal Treatment Of Conservatives

The mainstream media continue to operate with two standards. if you are a Liberal, you can skate on a great deal. If you are a Conservative, you are held to the highest standards. If you are both a Conservative and a Minority, you are a target for total destruction. Let us look at the facts. Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech Only Applies to Liberals

It appears Freedom of Speech only applies to Liberals. Case in point, A short time ago, Hank Williams Jr was on a Fox show and used the term “Nazi ” in describing President Obama. He was immediately attacked in the Press and had his music pulled from Monday Night Football. Continue reading

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