So let me understand……… Black Boxes in Cars?

The Federal Government (National Highway and Transportation Administration) is trying pressure car makers to put in “black boxes” in the new cars. They claim it is to allow them to get accurate information from accidents similar to the black boxes in airplanes. They would be tracking vehicle speed, whether a driver tried to step on the brakes before a crash, information about engine throttle, air bag readiness before a crash, and whether seat belts were buckled.

With the Feds monitoring our phones, emails, Face Book etc, do you really want them know that info about your driving habits. In addition, I am sure they also will be able to track you exact location in real time and accumulate a trip log on you. This is similar to what they can now do with certain cell phones. In addition, this might also provide information for a vehicle usage tax that is occasionally bantered about at the federal and States levels.

Also consider how this additional data can be misused for political or other reasons. Based on the IRS actions, do you really trust the Feds with additional data from our private lives?

Saves lives?     Unwarranted Further Government intrusion?    Another way to get money out of us?

 You Decide!!!

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