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Writing a Column

I have just started writing a column for the Beaufort Observer. it is an on line newspaper with about 50,000 hits daily Continue reading

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follow up on NY and hurricane

Good News – NY City just announced the marathon is cancelled- maybe someone came to their senses

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Modern Day Version of the Ant and the Grasshopper

This was shared with me by Jaan White. It was written by Erika Nolan and Jeff Opdyke and is worth reading A conversation we had here in Uruguay – after the bottle of Scotch – recalls a modern version of … Continue reading

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Federal Flip Flops or Mixed Messages?

This Administration claims it is there to support the Middle Class and Poor and wants to stop giving breaks to the rich. Yet it is doing the following: Continue reading

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General Motors Repays The American Taxpayer?

s you are all well aware, Taxpayer funds were used to bail out General Motors. In fact taxpayers still own about 20+% of the company. Continue reading

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Obama Visits NC Company To Tout Jobs Bill

Today, President Obama will visit WestStar Precision in Apex, NC. He is there to continue his campaign to have his Jobs Bill Passed by Congress. He will use this Company as an example of a Job Creator. Continue reading

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Thoughts On Allowing The Lower Social Security Payroll Tax To Expire

I have three thoughts on allowing the lower Social Security Payroll Tax to expire. Continue reading

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