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The Leftist War Against Catholics and Other Religions

As we start to put together incidents on a national basis, it becomes more and more obvious that the Left has organized a coordinated attack against religion. Continue reading

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Federal Reserve – The NEW Grinch That Stole Christmas

The Federal Reserve has decided a bank in Perkins Oklahoma is insulting Muslims, Jews and Atheists. Continue reading

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The Justice Department – A Disgrace To The Legal Profession

The Justice Department is a disgrace to the Legal Profession. Ambulance Chasing and Divorce Lawyers should be pleased as they have moved off the bottom of the list for the worst in the legal profession. Continue reading

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Change The Name of the YMCA In New York City

The New York City Young Men’s Christian Association has decided to be “Politically Correct” and water down the Christian Religion that is part of their tradition and in fact in their name. Continue reading

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ACLU Sues School District Over Nose Piercing

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against a Johnston County High School in North Carolina claiming they are violating her right to freedom of Religion. Continue reading

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