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A Government Shutdown- We Should Be So Lucky

Threats that the Government could shut down continue to flow through the Media Airways. Interesting it is mostly the Democrats in Congress fueling this idea. Let’s see what happens in a shutdown.

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A Guest Editorial on Foreign Relations

Our Blog Friend, Steve Cherry, provides an interesting Article About President Obama and what he is doing to our relationships with our allies Continue reading

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Food and Fuel, A Cause For Revolution or War

Wars and revolutions have been fought for many reasons. The most common is one side has a lack or resources that are plentiful on the other side. Continue reading

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House gets a C- For Budget Cuts

In my opinion, The House of Representatives Republican Party get a C- for their 1st attempt at budget cuts. Continue reading

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President Obama, the Unions and the Tea Party

Isn’t it somewhat ironic to hear the President talk about the events in Wisconsin? Continue reading

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Governor Perdue’s Proposed NC Budget

The Democratic National Strategy to solve the rising debt and unemployment, is to increase taxes and spending. The Democratic Leadership in North Carolina followed suit.

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A Government Shutdown Will Be On The Shoulders of the Democrats

So let me understand, The Senate ( under Democratic leadership and control)worked 1 day in January (5th) then took 3 weeks off. They closed down On Saturday for a week and are due back on February 28th.

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