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So let me understand……. Trust In Government?

Last week the President said the nation had a problem if the people did not trust the Legislature, executive branch or the Courts. Lets us look at the facts: we should have trust when: Continue reading

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2nd Amendment Rights

Isn’t it ironic the Federal Governemnt is trying to limit our weapons to hunting while they spend hundreds of millions annually arming rebels withth elatest weapons to use against their own government?. Often without knowing who they are arming!!!

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Media Outrage in NY

So let me understand this. The Journal News, a paper that covers Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York, has published a list of all registered gun owners in those counties and their addresses. In addition, they have set up a website where someone can go and check addresses to see who has gun permits in an area. Let us see what they have accomplished Continue reading

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Where are our Rights?

The Left does not feel Conservatives have the right to oppose certain sexual behaviors between adults, abortions, etc Continue reading

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The Slanted Press

I am afraid what the Main Stream Press is doing should frighten each and every American. This is not an issue over who won the election. This affects supporters of either Obama or Romney. Continue reading

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Modern Day Version of the Ant and the Grasshopper

This was shared with me by Jaan White. It was written by Erika Nolan and Jeff Opdyke and is worth reading A conversation we had here in Uruguay – after the bottle of Scotch – recalls a modern version of … Continue reading

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The Leftist War Against Catholics and Other Religions

As we start to put together incidents on a national basis, it becomes more and more obvious that the Left has organized a coordinated attack against religion. Continue reading

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