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Suggestions For Appropriate Places To Cut The Budget

Just a few obvious places the budget could be cut in an area we are not getting our money’s worth. Continue reading

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The Truth About Overspending by President

There is a great deal of blame put by President Obama on President Bush for his Deficit Spending. He keeps mentioning three wars. The truth is: Continue reading

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Was the 14th Amendment Properly Ratified?

There had been a great deal of discussion on the 14th amendment and its effect on Public Debt. In researching the Amendment, I found something that might be a legal issue to the ratification. The facts are: Continue reading

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If Liberals Could Learn This, We Would Be A Better Nation

A Friend, Mark Thompson, shared this with me. Allow me to share it with you These are  possibly the 5 best sentences you’ll ever  read: 1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by     legislating the wealth out of … Continue reading

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Consider This -!!!!!

Thoughts for the day Continue reading

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Obama and His Democratic Allies Are Forcing The Default Crisis.

Much blame is circulating around the Nation as to who is to blame for the upcoming Debt Ceiling Crisis. Many blame Congress, many blame the Republicans. In my opinion, the truth is , this is a plan to force bankruptcy to change the Nation. Continue reading

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President Obama ‘Stretched The Truth” When It Came To His Mothers Fight With Insurance Companies

Byron York wrote an article on July 11th in the Washington Examiner that reported on the false statements then Candidate Obama made about his Mother’s Fight with the Insurance Companies for coverage. Remember the statements: Continue reading

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