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Circumventing the Constitution

The last time I checked, the United States Government is supposed to follow the CONSTITUTION as each branch of Government executes it’s duties. Someone has forgotten to tell each Branch of Government that fact. Continue reading

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Berwick, Britain And National Health Care

Dr. Don Berwick was appointed by President Obama, in a recess appointment, to run Medicare and in fact run the implementation of Obama Care. He has publically stated the British model is one he admires and supports. Does he really mean that? Continue reading

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Racist- A Word that is losing its Meaning

Racism is a horrible thing and should be repudiated by everyone. However, we are fast reaching the point where the word will be meaningless. Continue reading

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Thought of the day

Transparency was the word promised by this Administration and the Democratic Leadership. Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

I was wondering if anyone else sees the possibility that the classified documents that were leaked were done so on purpose. Continue reading

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Where Are The Heroes?

We have developed into a Society that quickly looks to tear down anyone that stands out as doing something positive. We are no longer content, unless we have destroyed the individual so we can appear to be better than them. Continue reading

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Liberals and the Election of 2012

The Liberals/ Democrats are worried the expected losses in the November Elections will carry into 2012. Worried about losing the White House, they are secretly trying an end run on the Constitution and the Electorial College. Continue reading

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