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Obama, Egypt and the Internet

So let me understand:

Egypt has riots and demonstrations as people are upset with the current regime. The official US response:

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Why We Need to Secure Our Southern Border

Many in the Obama Administration and on the Left have long argued that securing our Southern Border was Racist and Anti- Mexican. Two events that occurred this week have demonstrated why we need to secure our Southern Border. Continue reading

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The Facts About Our Relationship With China

All we here is how much China “owns” the United States because of the debt they have purchased. Let us look at the facts:
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Guest Editorial from a Noted Economist

Steve Cherry has again supplied me with a copy of a letter written by the noted economist Porter Stansberry. I have used his work in the past. His views are a good lesson in Economics- Enjoy!!!!! Continue reading

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Democrats Finally Admit How The Health Care Law Was Supposed To Save Billions

In an error the Democrats had the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) show the Public how they achieved the $100 Billion Plus savings in the Budget from the Health Care Law. Continue reading

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We are a nation in crisis. Ever-growing debt, jobs and an unpopular Health Law are just three examples. Continue reading

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Sometimes the arrogance (or ignorance) of public law makers is astounding. This just came to me yesterday (1-12-11) from an investment counselor…word-for-:word, no doctoring, no spin Continue reading

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