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Where are our Rights?

The Left does not feel Conservatives have the right to oppose certain sexual behaviors between adults, abortions, etc Continue reading

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A Common Sense Reason To Close and Secure Our Borders

Regardles of where you fall on the Immigration issue, you cannot oppose closing the borders. For those that support Open Borders consider this: Continue reading

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The Slanted Press

I am afraid what the Main Stream Press is doing should frighten each and every American. This is not an issue over who won the election. This affects supporters of either Obama or Romney. Continue reading

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Guest Editorial from a HS Junior on the Economy

Dear America,

Today you face a critical crossroads in your history. Will you continue along the path that you have maintained over the past four years or will you shift to real change? As your citizen, my life is a difficult one. I am a high school junior in a homeschool and receive little to no aid from the public school system that my parents’ tax money supports. Each day I awaken in the morning to feel less excited about my future as a young American. College tuition has skyrocketed and perhaps most importantly I have no guarantee of employment after I graduate. My Mom is a registered nurse and her unit has remained closed for the past couple of weeks leaving her without work. I am feeling the repercussions of your failed economy in my life.
Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Next Congress

The Democrats and the Press have been all over the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives for their blocking and not cooperating with President Obama’s and the Democratic agenda. Continue reading

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follow up on NY and hurricane

Good News – NY City just announced the marathon is cancelled- maybe someone came to their senses

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Hurricane Sandy and the Northeast

What I am about to talk about is not a Democratic or Republican issue but an American issue. As I watch and hear about what is going on, the compliments each elected official is giving each other, I am upset. Let us look at the facts: Continue reading

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