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We all know what is inflation can do to a budget. The Government boldly announces we have no inflation. Continue reading

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Guest Blog on America Becoming a Communist Nation

My Blogging Friend sent me an article too good not to share as another Guest Blog.
Thanks again to Steve Cherry
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Deploying The Military To Protect our Southern Border

There has been much discussion over use of the Military to protect our southern borders from violence and illegal entry. At present, the US Government has deployed several thousand National Guard Troops that were Federalized for this mission.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It is obviously true that “no good deed goes unpunished!” The latest example comes from Maryland.

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The States – Nullification – The Health Care Law and The Constitution

Nullification is a legal theory that a U.S. State has the right to nullify, or invalidate, any federal law which that state has decided is unconstitutional. Continue reading

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Federal Reserve – The NEW Grinch That Stole Christmas

The Federal Reserve has decided a bank in Perkins Oklahoma is insulting Muslims, Jews and Atheists. Continue reading

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The Justice Department – A Disgrace To The Legal Profession

The Justice Department is a disgrace to the Legal Profession. Ambulance Chasing and Divorce Lawyers should be pleased as they have moved off the bottom of the list for the worst in the legal profession. Continue reading

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