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Occupy Wall Street Protestors- Do As I Say Not As I Do

The Occupy Wall Street protestors want the top earners to share their wealth with them. The protestors did not earn it. They claim it is both fair and just to do so. Yet the following has occurred: The New York … Continue reading

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New York City, Eric Holder, And Excessive Government Intrusion Into Our Lives

The Attorney General, Eric Holder, and his Justice Department have targeted New York City for its next irrational attack on common sense. Continue reading

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Harry Reid- What He Says Decoded

It has become obvious that Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, needs to have what he says translated for the people. Continue reading

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Another “Stimulus Giveaway”

It has just been revealed the “Stimulus” has created new jobs. The only problem is the jobs are is Finland. Continue reading

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A good and respected friend, Ashley Jackson shared this with me. Allow me to share it with you as a Guest Editorial Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech Only Applies to Liberals

It appears Freedom of Speech only applies to Liberals. Case in point, A short time ago, Hank Williams Jr was on a Fox show and used the term “Nazi ” in describing President Obama. He was immediately attacked in the Press and had his music pulled from Monday Night Football. Continue reading

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Maybe its me but do you see any conflict with……

Maybe its me but do you see any conflict with; Protesting Wall Street demonstrators asking for corporate sponsorships? The press reporting the Tea Party as Racist because of a few signs but the Main Stream Press ignoring a woman calling … Continue reading

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