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President Obama – Help Me To Understand the Tax Burden

President Obama’s Treasury Department has released figures that indicate the top 5% of wage earners pay 95% of the taxes collected by the Federal Government. Continue reading

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President Obama – The Solution to No Child Left Behind – Waivers!!!!!!

As you are aware more and more schools are failing to meet Federal standard under the No Child Left behind Act. Each year the bar is raised a little higher. Continue reading

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Democratic Double Speak on Taxes

Remember back when the Bush tax cuts were being debated. Republicans argued to eliminate the Tax cuts was in fact a raise in a person’s taxes. Democrats denied that concept  and attacked he Republicans for saying it. Now  the Republicans are saying the … Continue reading

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Libya- A Country We Cannot Afford To invest In

With the pending fall of Libya to the Rebels, The United States Government has sent high level officials to start working on an economic package for the new Libyian government. There philosophy is we must support the development of Freedom. … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Allowing The Lower Social Security Payroll Tax To Expire

I have three thoughts on allowing the lower Social Security Payroll Tax to expire. Continue reading

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Unemployment Payments And Food Stamps Are Job Creators

Our Secretary of the Agriculture announces the increase in Food Stamps usage is a good thing as it creates JOBS!!! Continue reading

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Jobs and Busses And Obama!!!!

Is it not ironic that President Obama is taking a bus ride through the Heartland of America expressing his desire to create American Jobs. He is also touting the concept of “Buying American” Continue reading

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