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So let me understand……… Tax the internet??

The Federal Government is about to pass a law allowing State and local communities to collect sales taxes on items you ordered out of state and have delivered. They argue it levels the playing field for those small businesses that are ‘Brick and mortar” and have to collect and return the tax money to the state/ county/ city they live in. Continue reading

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So let me understand…. tax cheats

So let me understand…..
The White House and Democratic party support closing White House tours and laying off 126 air traffic controllers from small private airports. Fact is there are 312,000 federal workers and federal retirees who owe back taxes to the tune of $3.4+ Billion. In fact, part of the billions o f dollars owed are by White House staff employees that owe back taxes to the tune of $833,970.

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Thoughts on the Next Congress

The Democrats and the Press have been all over the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives for their blocking and not cooperating with President Obama’s and the Democratic agenda. Continue reading

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Let’s look at the facts for job loss. Is anyone talking about the loss of jobs due in January 2013? Continue reading

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Whitney Houston and Flying the Flag at Half Mast

Just heard NJ and other places going to fly their flags at half mast in honor of Whitney Houston. What happened to Ms Houston was a tragedy that a talented person unfortunately did to themself Continue reading

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Hidden Tax OnThe Middle Class Hidden In The Social Security/ Unemployment Extension Bill

No one to this point is making a big deal over a tax put into the Unemployment/ Social Security Extension Bill.  What is currently being proposed is really a major tax on any middle class person buying or refinancing a … Continue reading

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Old Joke New Use- Democrats and Taxing

Modifying an old joke does illustrate the Democratic stand on taxes. Continue reading

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