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So let me understand……….Visas!!!

So let me understand……….

The Feds admit 40% of those people who come here on Work or School Visas remain after their Visa has expired. They have no idea where these people are.
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A Common Sense Reason To Close and Secure Our Borders

Regardles of where you fall on the Immigration issue, you cannot oppose closing the borders. For those that support Open Borders consider this: Continue reading

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Illegal Immigrants Draw Tax Credits Last Year

The Government released figures that demonstrated Illegal Immigrants drew over $4Billion in tax credits last year. Let me hear again they do not cost the US Tax Payer any additional money!!! That would be $4 Billion that might have gone to … Continue reading

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Guest Editorial on Illegal Immigration

Here are some alarming facts on illegal immigration that James Johnson, of NC FIRE, shared with me (they are also listed in the video clip I’ve attached below) and which will make you fuming mad: (Jeff Lewis, of the FIRE Coalition, knows of the security threats that illegals pose) Continue reading

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The Real Story on Illegal Immigration

attended a Breakfast where Sheriff Larry Dever From Cochise County Arizona was the featured speaker. He explained to us the real story on Illegal Immigration, not what the Government would like us to believe. The Sheriff gave us facts based on the statistics from LA County, Arizona,Texas and New Mexico. They are: Continue reading

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The Supreme Court Does It Again!!!

The Supreme Court again proved they are incapable of making common sense judgements. They just struck down a challenge to a California law that granted illegal aliens instate tuition if they graduated from a California high school. Continue reading

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President Obama And Immigration Reform

On Tuesday, President Obama made a speech in total support of Immigration Reform. He chided the Republicans for blocking reform. He suggested the Republicans would never be happy. Obama ridiculed them by implying they might want a moat filled alligators on the … Continue reading

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