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Harvard and its Priority

So let me understand, Harvard has recently renewed its ban on Military Recruiters so long as the military continues its ” Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”policy. Continue reading

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The Neutral Press?

We all are aware of the eight Politicians arrested in California for taking illegal loans from the government. They also were under attack from the press and citizens for their exorbitant salaries Continue reading

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The Tea Party and the New Republican Pledge to America

There has been an assault from both the Left and the Right on the quality of the new Pledge to America by the Republican Party. Many say long on slogans – short on content.
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Thought for the Day

We all are aware of the recent Supreme Court Decision  that allows Corporations to donate to Political Campaigns. Does anyone find it strange that General Motors, 60% of the stock owned by the US Government, is giving $90,000. to 3 Democratic and … Continue reading

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The Next “Da” Award

The next “Da” Award goes to the Federal Communications Commission for their stand on cellphone blockers. They have limited the use of the blockers and it is causing a problem in prisons.

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Suggestions for Republicans After Winning State Legislative Control in NC

The Democrats have controlled Raleigh too long. They have passed bad laws or ignored good laws too often. After the Republicans win November, they must address the following issues as soon as possible. Continue reading

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Thought for the day

If Christine O’Donnell is getting all that media attention over her attending a witch ceremony as a high school student, shouldn’t her opponent be getting equal attention for his remark as a college student?  Just returning from Africa, he said he left … Continue reading

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