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Do They Represent The People Or Their Party?

A Thought for the Day.

It appears that many Congressman and Senators are supporting the Party Line rather than the People’s will!!!
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Can The Democrats Be Trusted To Make Spending Cuts?

A thought for the Day!

There is a problem with doing what the Democrats ask in employing a balanced approach to the Budget deficit.
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The Supreme Court And Health Care

On Monday, The Supreme Court ruled it would not expedite a decision on the Constitutionality of the Health Care in relation to Virginia. Continue reading

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Gas Prices, Obama, Volt – A Response To A Citizen

Thought for The Day

It seems to me the President was way off base in his response to a concern from a taxpayer.
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Boeing, Unions, And the National Labor Relations Board

Several years ago, Boeing Aircraft had a major strike in the their home state of Washington. It was long costly and nasty on both sides. Continue reading

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Is the United Nations Relevant?

Let us see what is happening in the World? Continue reading

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Will Libya Become The New Iraq?

We were promised we would not have boots on the Ground nor War Planes in the Air. The NATO Commander ( A US Admiral) is asking for 8-10 Bombers that can do precision bombing. Continue reading

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