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Just Who Is The Real Hypocrite?

The Left is attacking Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter, for her public service commercials against becoming a teen mother and using protection. Continue reading

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What To Do About WIKILEAKS?

The people at WIKILEAKS have done it again. They have released about 250,000 documents from the US State Department.  They reveal what diplomats were told in private conversations with other leaders and also estimates of situations. The White House sent a strongly … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why New York Is In a Financial Crisis

The Governor Elect of New York has announced he will take action to save 15+million dollars in New York State Money.It seems NY has a law that requires State workers to get a years notice if a facility is to be closed.

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New Russian Treaty

It seems the President and the Democratic Party are suddenly in a hurry to ratify a Treaty with Russia on arm limitations. The Republicans in the Senate want time to study it and see it is in our national interest to ratify the Treaty. Continue reading

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Palin, Clinton, McCain, Reagan

Both Bill Clinton and John McCain have done cameo performances in movies. Sarah Palin does a series of shows about Alaska and her family. Continue reading

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Earmarks- Business As Usual Or Corruption?

Earmarks are considered by some to be how government does Business. By many, it is seen as a way of corrupting well-meaning officials. Continue reading

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Traveling By Air- To Be X-rayed Or Touched?

There a gathering storm developing over airport screening. Continue reading

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