So let me understand…….Heartless or cunning!!

So let me understand…….Heartless or cunning!!

Do you really believe Kathleen Sebelius, our Secretary of Health, is so easily accepting the mantle of not caring over not forcing the 10 year old onto the adult list for a lung transplant? In my opinion the real reason she is not using her power to overrule is to not show the American Public she can. She does not want the American Public to understand she has the power to change lists and move people to the top for any transplant. Why? She does not want us to realize the political power this gives her before Obama care in implemented. The last thing she wants is for us to realize she can reward donors or political favorites with expedited transplants at her discretion.

Is she Heartless or Cunning?

You Decide!!!

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So let me Understand…………. US training with the enemy

Without much fanfare, our President has decided to train with the enemy. Just a few days ago Russian Special Forces units trained with our Special Forces units for 2 weeks at Ft Carson Colorado. They practiced firing our weapons and parachute drops. Obama signed an agreement last year allowing each nation to better learn and understand how each other military works and including how our military communicates.  Next year our units go to train in Russia. Want to bet who will be shown more about how they function in combat?

If that was not bad enough, he has invited the Chinese Navy to participate in Operation Pacific Rim in 2014 held off the coast of Hawaii. China is developing a navy with the sole purpose of challenging the US for naval superiority in the Pacific.  Yet we invite them to participate in an exercise on fighting an enemy planning to drive us out of the Pacific.  Maybe our President is providing a dress rehearsal.

One of the basic tenets of war is to know your enemy so you can defeat them. Thanks to our Leadership, we may be putting our Nation in even greater peril.

You Decide!!!

Links to the military exercise reports

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So let me understand………. Obamacare

People who support Obamacare want the Federal Government to manage our healthcare. Let us look at the wonderful job they are doing managing:

  • Social Security. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars wasted each year due to fraudulent payment
  • Veterans Administration is now backlogged by over 600k cases. ( up from 100K 4 years ago) They recently spend $500 million for new computers but still do 97% by paper. Wait time averages 275 days for processing initial claims
  • IRS is mandated in Obamacare to manage the program. Look at the abuses the IRS has done managing applications by Conservative applications for tax exempt status
  • Look at the terrible situation a 10 year old is in in waiting for a lung transplant. She has applied to the Secretary of Health to override the ranking decisions of a federal health panel who decides priority for transplants. While I wish that young girl well, it should scare everyone that the Secretary of Health has over ride powers to decide who gets what. The future potential for bribes and political favors, and political influence are endless. Remember when someone gets a transplant, someone else does not.

Do you really want you healthcare in the hands of the people who are responsible for all the above?

You Decide!!!

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So let me understand………. Obama and Constitution

So let me understand……….  Obama and Constitution

Many people do not believe the President has any part in attacking Constitutional Rights. They believe it is just some rogue low level staff members.  Cases in point:

  • IRS singling out Conservative/ Tea Party Groups for additional stonewalling and scrutiny before eventually approving tax exempt status.  Violation of 1st amendment
  • In addition, Republican major contributors were singled out for audits
  • Members of the Justice Department secretly getting warrants to check e mails and phone calls of reporters so they could locate government leakers of classified information . Accusing a reporter of be a co – conspirator. Also a violation of the 1st amendment and established law and policy

But it does not stop here think back to the following:

  • With regard to the General Motors bailout, the Feds overruled bankruptcy laws and gave money to the Unions. This sacrificed the legal standing of the preferred stock and bond holders
  • During the Gulf oil spill he decided unilaterally which corporations would pay what for the spill
  • The Obama Administration illegally shut down drilling in the Gulf in violation of a Federal Judge’s injunction
  • Gibson Guitars were illegally raided by the Feds. They claimed they had purchased illegal wood to build the guitars. The Company was invaded by armed swat teams that herded the workers into the parking lot. Several interesting facts from the “invasion”
  1. The law broken was not criminal but a civil issue normally handled by a letter from the Feds
  2. The mistake on the wood was made by the exporter not Gibson
  3. Similar company was not invaded.
  4. Difference was Gibson was a Republican major contributor and the other company a democratic contributor

Starting to see a pattern here? Either this is an Administration that set out to violate the laws they disagreed with and punish people that disagree with them. Or if one is to believe the President not knowing anything about it, then his Administration is full of rogue Government workers and he is incompetent to supervise them.

You Decide!!!!

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So let me understand……… The Press

So let me understand………  The Press seems to feel they have a special status that makes them more important than everyone else. Cases in point:
1.    Too many of our soldiers (and 1 is too many) have died defending our nation and our values. That may get some play in the media, but minimal. Let one of their own get killed, wounded or taken hostage and it is consistent front page news.
2.    More recently the Press is very upset by the Government taping their reporters or offices phones to track down leakers of government secrets.  Admittedly, Freedom of the Press should concern us all. However, should the Press not be equally upset by the actions of the IRS in harassing Conservatives? Literally thousands of people and their organizations have been harassed by the IRS.  Only about 100+ in the Press arena.
The Press acts like they are better than everyone and they are shocked when some evildoers dare to do to them what they do to others.
Which story should carry more weight? Attacks on the Press or everyday Americans and our military?
You Decide!!!!

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So let me understand……… Hogan’s Heroes fanatics

It is obvious to me both the President and Eric Holder are cult follower of Hogan’s Heroes. For those not old enough to know about the TV show, it was a comedy, believe it or not, set in a German prisoner of war Camp during WWII.  In that show there was a German sergeant in charge of supervising the prisoners. Every time there was a crisis caused by the prisoners, he would walk away saying ‘I know nothing”

Fast forward to the President’s press conference.  When asked about the scandals, his response was “he did not know”. Eric Holder at Capital Hill when asked about the AP scandal, responded multiple times ‘I do not know”

Either they are liars, incompetent, or just fanatical followers of Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes.

You Decide!!!!

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So let me understand……… Resign or Jail

So let me understand……… Resign or Jail
The White House has announced the Acting Director or the IRS is resigning in a week. One of his deputies is also retiring early. All appears to be tied directly to the IRS scandal of harassment of right wing groups. The White House claims it has been determined It was only 2 rouge agents. Let us look at the facts:
1. The Acting Director was already leaving
2. Four IRS agents have already stated they were only following orders from superiors.
3. The actions taken by members of the IRS were in violation of the law. The Hatch Act and discrimination laws for singling out a particular group just to name two.
4. The Administration is promising to fix it not bring those who did it to justice.
Maybe it is because if these agents are charged with crimes they will make a deal and tell us who told them to do it. Fix it? Or is it a cover-up??
You Decide!!!!
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