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Libyan Missiles Missing

Reports out of Libya have indicated the ‘Rebels” have lost or misplaced 20,000 missiles. Continue reading

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Governor Perdue Wants To Change The US Constitution

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue has suggested if might be better for the Country to suspend the Congressional elections in 2012. Continue reading

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Lets Create Government Jobs So We Can Lose Private Sector Jobs

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has announced based on their new and pending regulations 230,000 new agents will be needed to be hired. Continue reading

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The Obama Administration Is ‘A Job Creator”- Tell That To The Plumbers!!

The Obama Administration prides itself as “Job Creators”. Unemployment is over 9%. GNP is stagnant. People are frustrated and want to work!! Continue reading

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When is a Tax a Fee? – When It Is In Obama’s Deficit Reduction Plan

In the President’s new Deficit Reduction Plan, there are new taxes and new taxes that are called fees!! hard to believe but it ides not just effect the Wealthy!!! Let us look at the facts; Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Wants The Presidency Too Much

Mitt Romney has been running for President for the past five years. I have previously written about his telling people what they want to hear, not what he believes. Continue reading

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This is a guest Editorial from a Trusted Tea Party Friend, Diane Rufino. When you have sufficient time and a cup of coffee please read it, IT IS WORTH IT. It is quite scholarly and informative. Continue reading

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