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An Open Letter to Congressman Butterfield

As a person living in your District for a number of years I am perplexed by the recent stances you have taken. Continue reading

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Governor Perdue Wants To Change The US Constitution

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue has suggested if might be better for the Country to suspend the Congressional elections in 2012. Continue reading

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Governor Perdue- An Example Of Do As I Say Not as I Do

Governor Perdue vetoed the requirement to have a government issued photo ID in order to vote. She claimed it would deprive poor people of their voting rights. Yet to be in Intern in the governor’s office, they must produce a … Continue reading

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NC Gas Tax to Rise

On July 1st, 2 1/2 cents will be added to the price of gas in North Carolina. Continue reading

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NC State GOP Keeps Their Promises!!!!

Becki Grey from John Locke was recently in Edenton and shared this with me and many others. I thought it was worth sharing the status of the promises the Republican Party made if given power in Raleigh Continue reading

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NC TV Commercial On Educational Budget Cuts Blaming Republicans is a Lie!!!

There is a commercial on TV attacking the Republicans for the Budget Cuts and their effect on Education. The ad claims the Republicans refused to extend the sales tax The truth is not being told. Continue reading

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President Obama Misleads The Nation in Durham NC

Yesterday, June 13, 2011, President Obama went to Durham , NC and spoke at the Cree Manufacturing Corporation. The company produces the new “Green Energy” light bulbs.President Obama lauded the company for its job creation in the clean energy field. Let us look at the facts; Continue reading

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