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Liberals Being Consistently Inconsistent

It is perfectly okay for others to have a different philosophy than a Conservative. However, one begins to question their logic and sincerity, when they do not consistently apply their views. Continue reading

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The “Da” Award

A person close to me always uses the term ” Da” when she does something stupid or ignores the obvious.I have decided to honor her, without revealing her identity, by creating the “Da ” Award. Continue reading

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Liberals and Being Insensitive

Just a thought for the day Liberals complain the Glen Beck Rally held on August 28th was insensitive to Afro Americans as it was also the 48th anniversary of Dr King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech. Why do Liberals not feel … Continue reading

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72 killed in a Mine in Mexico

Mexico reports the discovery of 72 bodies in a mine. There was 1 survivor a boy, who manages to find his way to the police. They were all from nations south of Mexico on their way to illegally enter the United … Continue reading

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Tax Cuts and the Stimulus

Lets review facts:

Stimulus is not working
About $285 Billion of Stimulus still not spent
Republicans want tax cuts
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Success in Iraq

As our Forces withdraw from Iraq, don’t you think either the President, Vice President, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid should at least give President Bush credit for the success of the Surge in Iraq. They all voted against it and … Continue reading

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Maybe Its Me But….

Maybe its me but…………

Didn’t Nancy Pelosi demonstrate just how out of touch she is with Main Street America with her comments on the need to investigate the financial backers of the Anti- Mosque movement in NY. The more she talks the more she hurts Democrats. Continue reading

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