Racist- A Word that is losing its Meaning

Racism is a horrible thing and should be repudiated by everyone. However, we are fast reaching the point where the word will be meaningless.

We are in an age when someone disagrees with your stand,  instead of accepting your right to disagree, and discuss the issue,  the Left labels you a”RACIST”. It is a horrible term and can ruin a person’s life with just the accusation. It is thrown around so much that the word is beginning to lose its meaning.

  • If you oppose the New Health Care Law for economic issues or issues with personal freedom, the Left calls you a “Racist” 
  • If you oppose Illegal Immigration you are a ‘ Racist ” even if you strongly support legal immigration.
  • If you support controlling you nations borders, you are doing so because you are a “Racist”. Never mind ever nation in history has the right to control their borders and decide who enters the nation.
  • If you do not support the Financial Reform Act, you are in the pocket of Big Business and you want to keep minorities from getting a fair share of the economy making you a “Racist”. Never mind your real concerns on how the Act will affect the nation’s economic recovery. 
  • If you support limiting the role of Government in our lives, it not because you support individual freedom and responsibility but because you are a “Racist”
  • If you support lowering of taxes and fiscal responsibility for Government, it’s not because you want to make the Government control how it spends our money and puts us in debt. You would be a “Racist ” because you want to take away an entitlement.  

The newspapers just released e mails from Liberal Journalists who plotted to minimize the effects of Reverend Wright on the election by deciding to label a member of the Bush Administration “A Racist” thus deflecting the discussion from the issue.  They saw nothing wrong with using that label to achieve an end regardless of the truth of the statement.

The real shame is there still exists some Racism in this great Nation. However, the word is thrown around so much today, people are becoming  insulated to the accusation. Similar to the Aesop Fable,” The Shepard Boy who cried Wolf”.

For those who do not know the story, this young  shepard boy was assigned the job of watching the sheep and sounding the alarm when wolves appeared. Several times, as a joke, he sounded the alarm and laughed as the people ran to protect the sheep. One day  a real wolf appeared. When he sounded the alarm, the people thought it was a joke, and did not come.  

It saddens me to think the continued misuse of the “Racist” word by the Left might end the same way, nobody cares or believes it to be true. We must not let this happen. Instead of pulling back when threatened with the misuse of the word, we must challenge the accuser to prove it. This will eventually cause the Left to stop throwing the word around. 

Let us save the “Racist’ term for use in real situations and not as a tool to stop debate on real issues that effect our country. In order for this nation to continue to be successful, we must allow disagreements and discussion  in order to reach compromises that will benefit the nation as a whole. I suggest instead of hurling insults and labels we instead adopt the quotation by Voltaire;


 Let us to throw away labels that are untrue and agree to disagree through real discussions on a topic. By doing so we can move forward for the betterment of all our people.


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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