So let me understand……… Apology Tour II

So let me understand……… Apology Tour II

When President Obama was elected for his first term, one of his first actions was an international tour where he apologized for US actions in the past though out the Middle East. Fast forward to the beginning of his second term and we find ourselves in Mexico. What does he tell the Mexican people?

1.       The reason Mexico has an issue with Cartels is our fault since we but the drug products they sell.

2.       He apologizes for the deaths of so many of the Mexican people since they were mostly killed by Cartels with US weapons.

Nowhere does he mention the fact under Fast and Furious, it was his Administration that sent thousands of weapons to Mexico in a failed attempt to track them to drug cartels. Nor does mention the number of people the Cartels have hooked on drugs in America.

Instead, maybe he should have suggested a joint military operation to rid the areas of the cartels. This would stop the drug trade, at least temporarily, and save hundreds of Mexican lives.

Work together for the common good or just apologize?

You Decide!!!!


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