So let me understand……… The West Coast

So let me understand……… The West Coast seems to be losing it with their Liberal Ideologies. For example:

In Washington State they have signed in to law changes in vocabulary designed to eliminate “ the remaining sexist words in our “language” For example:

“Fisherman” is now “fisher”

“Freshman’ is now “first year student”

‘Penmanship” is now “handwriting”

 I guess the Woman who sponsored it is now a woperson, not a woman. She cannot be a female- she must be a feperson. Finally, that means they are no longer members of the human race, must be a hupeople. Since Liberals tend to believe competition hurts people as they mature, they would want to drop the word ‘race” and maybe consider using the term “grouping”. So finally the human race becomes hupeople grouping”

Let us not leave out California. Knowing NY lost on the soda size ban, they are proposing a one cent tax on each ounce of soda purchased. Claim the money will be used to fit obesity. With their budget $16 billion in the red, care to bet where that tax money will go?

Even the White House is getting into the name changes.  Remember the Ft Hood attack- not a terrorist attack but as the Administration calls it “Work Place Violence”. Before the Boston Bombers were identified, they were not ‘Home grown terrorists” but “Unnamed belligerents”

Is this getting a little silly or does our Culture need to evolve this way?

You Decide!!!!

Link on Washington State

Soda link


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