So let me understand- Head Start and Sequester

So let me understand…….

The Administration has sent our dire warnings on how sequester would affect the Head Start Program. They claim 70,000 students would be thrown out of Head start due to the 5% reduction from Sequestration. Let us look at the facts:

Fact 1.  Head Start was allocated $7,968,543,937.00 for the 2012 – 2013 year. This was raised by $409 million from the previous year, a raise of 5%. Yet the number of children in the program only rose from 1,128,030 to 1,125, 260 children.  A raise of only about 3,000 children. So in fact if the 5% was applied it would only affect 3,000+ not 70,000 children.

        Fact 2. An extras $100 million was for Head Start in the Hurricane Sandy Relief law passed by the   Feds.

It seems to me the extra $100 million would adequately cover the extra 3,000 + students, so in fact, Sequester had no effect of Head Start contrary to what you are being told.

More scare tactics or a real issue?

You Decide!!!

Link to support fact 1

Link to support fact 2


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