So let me understand…. Benghazi

So let me understand………

Today 700 former Special Operation Veterans submitted a petition to Congress asking them to continue to explore the murder of the Ambassador and 3 Special Operation men in Libya and approve House bill 36. This bill would put together a committee to get answers to the following

1.        Intelligence known to the U.S. relating to the attack

2.       Requests for additional security or actions taken to improve security at the mission before the attack

3.       A definitive timeline of the attack

4.       How the relevant agencies responded to the attack

5.       Whether appropriate congressional notifications were made

6.       Any improper conduct by officials relating to the attack

7.       Recommendations on what steps Congress and the president should take to prevent future attacks.

 They argue that every military person, uniformed or Black Ops expects the Government to do everything they can to help them in a difficult or life threatening situations. Our people fought for 7+ hours without relief. Yet the Administration has hidden over 30 survivors from the attack at the main embassy and has forbidden them to talk about it. They are all State Department officials and fear for their jobs.  Yet then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, when questioned by Congress over Susan Rice’s TV appearances, responded why does it still matter?

It matters until all the questions asked by our veterans are answered openly and without attempts to cover anything. Transparency? I do not think so!!!

You Decide!!!!


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