Hurricane Sandy and the Northeast

Hurricane Sandy and the Northeast

What I am about to talk about is not a Democratic or Republican issue but an American issue. As I watch and hear about what is going on, the compliments each elected official is giving each other, I am upset. Let us look at the facts:

  1. Alabama sent utility crews to help out with restoring power. They were met by union utility members and forced to return home.  If you listen to the tapes from the incident, the Alabamans were called scabs and words I cannot put in this essay. They were told to go home because “they were taking money from our families mouths from loss of overtime”. No consideration for the 4 million people without power and heat with a cold front coming. Elderly people and families with young kids stranded in their High Rise Apartments where no power means any running elevators.  They lack light, food and water. Where is the Mayor of NY, the Governors of New Jersey and New York?  Why do they not step in and tell the unions people’s lives are more important than overtime. Where is the Union leadership that also put money over lives?

Also, No power means gas stations cannot pump gas. That also means people cannot get gas for cars or kerosene for heaters.

  1. In NY City, the mayor decides that the 26 mile marathon will run on Sunday.  His rationale? The city needs the$340 million it takes in. The unintended consequences?
    1. People whose homes were destroyed and living in hotels are being told they have to vacate because the rooms are reserved for people in the marathon. Where do these homeless people go now?
    2. They are bringing in several generators for the marathon that will be set up in Central Park to power the media coverage on Sunday. Each generator can power 400 homes.  Yet they

sit idly by waiting for the marathon while people do not have power.

  1. There are people still stranded and people needing food water etc. Yet we will take a significant part of the Police and EMT force away from search and rescue to support the marathon runners.
  2. Theft has increased. People are wearing utility workers uniforms and entering homes then rob them. People are brandishing gun on long gas lines in frustration over people cutting the line. Yet the police will be forced to watch the marathon and block off streets instead of protecting the residents and their property.

Instead of complimenting each other, in my opinion, our elected officials should

  1. Fully mobilize the National Guard to aid in Search and Rescue and to protect lives and property.
  2. Tell the Unions we are taking help from anywhere we can and if they try to interfere they will be arrested.
  3. The President could mobilize the Reserve where many fuel tankers can be found and use them to set up distribution points for fuel and kerosene until power is fully restored.
  4. The military could also, at these same sights, set up water and basic food distribution until power is restored and businesses are restocked and open. These military reserve units can also do this operation and in fact are located around the NY City area. Other military units could set up supply runs to support these locations
  5. Another option is FEMA could bring in generators and hook them up to gas stations to get the people gas and kerosene

Instead what do we get?

  1. Governor Christie ( R)  And President Obama ( D) trading compliments and making promises of support during a photo op
  2. NY City Mayor Bloomberg (I) declared the Marathon a go.
  3. President Obama off to Campaign
  4. US Senator Schumer ( D NY) complimenting how well rescue is going and how efficient FEMA is
  5. Governor Cuomo (NY, D) writing the Feds and asking them to pay for the damage and costs of recovery. Maybe later, but now how about doing everything  they can to help the people
  6. Parks Department putting the Blue line down for the marathon and cleaning up the parks where the marathon people gather and have their traditional pasta meal before the marathon. All this while  people are stranded and go hungry

Consider this:

Do you really want to trust these people with more power? We need to limit the scope of government and return more authority and power to the states and local government. And finally we need to elect people that put the people’s interest over special interest.



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Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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