Let’s look at the facts for job loss. Is anyone talking about the loss of jobs due in January 2013?

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated if the Bush Tax cuts are not renewed we will lose 1.2 million jobs next year. If only the rich do not get the tax cuts then the loss would be 780,000 jobs. If the entire cuts are approved there is no job loss at all.

In addition, the CBO is estimated that there will be an 800,000 job loss due to the implementation of ObamaCare.  So if the President gets his way, we lose an approximate total of 1.5 million jobs next year.  If the Congress and the President do not agree on the tax cuts and they expire we lose a total of 2 million jobs.

Romney has pledged to fully implement the tax cuts and eliminate Obama Care while keeping the popular parts in a new law. So who is exactly is the real job creator?

You Decide!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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