The Leftist War Against Catholics and Other Religions

As we start to put together incidents on a national basis, it becomes more and more obvious that the Left has organized a coordinated attack against religion. They will respond everything they are doing is to guarantee freedom of speech and religion. As with our President, it is not in what they say the truth is in their actions.

Examples include:

  • The Occupy Providence RI movement recently crashed a Pro Life rally in Rhode Island and threw condoms at a group of catholic girls, shouted down a Priest trying to do a closing prayer, and caused a pro-life speaker to stop his presentation before he was half way done.
  • The Occupy DC movement interrupted a March For Life Youth Rally and later interrupted a ‘Prayer for the Unborn” service held in front of the Supreme Court
  • Vanderbilt University has decided to enforce their interpretation of their  non discrimination policy in all student groups. they are requiring all religious student organizations to all atheists to join, run for President of the religious group and lead prayers.
  • The Obama Administration has just notified any religious group that runs a hospital that have until August 2013 to comply with the mandate requiring any employee of their hospitals, schools and charities to be provided with free contraceptive coverage as part of their health plan. This action is required regardless of their religious beliefs on contraceptives.
  • Keep in mind this not only covers the pill or condom, it requires paying for the “morning after” pill.  Catholics consider this a form of abortion. Catholic Bishops report Jewish, Mormon and Protestant groups are joining them to fight this ruling.
  • Another example occurred at the Catholic University in DC. An attorney activist has sued calling it discrimination against Muslims that all the Catholic University rooms have crosses in them. Keep in mind no Muslim student asked for the suit, this is a leftist activist who is demonstrating his anti religious belief.

What can the religious groups do? They have 3 choices

  • Comply and violate their their religious beliefs and vows
  • Drop health care for all their employees
  • Close down

None of these are great choices for the community and the poor they have dedicated their lives to support

A leftist coordinated movement that is anti religious?

You Decide!!!

The 2012 election is fast approaching!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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2 Responses to The Leftist War Against Catholics and Other Religions

  1. brandyclinton02 says:

    I strongly believe that discrimination and personal grudges should end, because hatred blinds a person which will surely cost more worries.

  2. Unfortunately political activism invites political opposition. The cost of social activism by religious conservatives is that they make themselves the target of reply. The other side of the coin is true as well, social activism by religious liberals likewise invites a response. I don’t mean to suggest this is a good thing or a bad thing, but rather that it is foreseeable. My religious friends who practice their faith in private never seem to have complaints about opposition; they are left in peace.

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