Let’s Not Repeat The Mistakes In The 1960 Presidential Election

My biggest fear for the Election in 2012 is we repeat the mistakes of 1960 Presidential Election. Many of you were too young to remember or were not even born a that time.

In 1960 the Democrats ran Senator John F. Kennedy (JFK) against the incumbent Vice President, Richard Nixon, a Republican. For the first time the debate was covered both on national television and on the radio.

JFK was a young good-looking, charming candidate who was an excellent speaker. Nixon was older and did not have a pleasant look about him . Many later said the make up artists did not do him any favors.

What was most interesting was how the electorate reacted to the debate. What became evident was the electorate was divided as to who won. That division was directly tied to the medium from which they heard the debate.

If you watched the debate on television, you were convinced JFK won the debate hands down. Radio listeners felt the exact opposite. Without the ability to see the debaters, they could only go by the substance of the responses. They all felt Nixon won the debate on substance.

This year we have the possibility of History repeating itself. President Obama is charming, good-looking, relatively young, and an extremely effective speaker. Should Speaker Gingrich win the nomination, he will be extremely knowledgable and an excellent debater, but will not present himself in a most positive way. His looks and mannerisms must be curtailed if he is to win. Governor Romney is knowledgable  but comes across in a debate as stiff. Governor Perry also with a high success rate as a governor has not proved himself in debate forums.The other candidates are not in serious contention.

In order for the Republican candidate to win in 2012, he must be highly aware of his appearance and mannerisms. Another option is to convince the voters to listen to the Presidential Debates rather than to watch them.

2012 is coming!!!!



About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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