An Open Letter to Congressman Butterfield

An Open Letter to Congressman Butterfield

As a person living in your District for a number of years I am perplexed by the recent stances you have taken. On a state level you recently asked us to write our State Representatives and challenge some of the items they are planning to try and pass or to override a governor’s veto. For example, The Republicans in the State want to put a cap on the state gasoline tax. It would seem to me you would want to help all the people you represent and stopping additional gas tax increases help everyone especially the poor.

You want us to stop the plan to consider off shore drilling for NC.  It is not a guarantee but an exploration to see if it could be done safely with minimal risks to the environment. This is not deep water drilling as done in the Gulf. Many coastal states have found a way to balance drilling, tourism on their beaches, and protection of the environment. In addition, such an action would create many new and long term jobs, something many of the people you represent need.

The one item you ask us to fight is most puzzling to me. It is the desire for all voters to show some sort of Government ID before they vote. Voting is one of the most sacred rights in a Democracy. I would think you would support any step that cuts down on voter fraud. Yet you claim that such a requirement would cost one half million people their right to vote. I do not understand why. If it does not already do so, the state could offer a government ID. It would be handy to cash checks for anyone that does not a drivers license.  What I really do not understand is the fact as a North Carolina citizen I must use my government identification on a regular basis to conduct business. To cash I check, I must show ID. If I am stopped by an officer of the law I must produce an ID. If I witness something that requires a report by officials, they ask for an ID. If I board a plane, I must show a Government ID.  If I apply for a loan they ask for ID. Yet you find it an issue to require people to prove they are who they are when they vote. I do not understand why.

It appears to me the above items would benefit the people you represent and I do not understand you opposition to additional job creation, stopping taxes from going up on everyone and protecting the sanctity of one of our basic rights, the right to vote.

Bill Moore


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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