Time To Split the Nation????

Should the United States become two different countries? We as a nation fought a Civil War almost 150 years ago to preserve the Union.  At that time we were two countries. One was industrialized and the other basically agriculture and deeply committed to slavery.  Yet they were clearly defined regions. The war became violent when instead of peacefully working for separation from the Union; the South attached the Union forces at Ft Sumter, starting the Civil War.

Today we face a similar separation as a nation, no it is not slavery. Thank God the Civil War settled that issue.  However today we are increasingly two separate nations that are growing father and father apart and increasingly losing their tolerance of the other side’s beliefs.  Maybe it is time for a peaceful separation of the United States. Allow me to discuss what basically separates our people into two camps.

We have developed into two nations. One is Progressive/ Liberal, and the other Conservative. The Progressive/ Liberals are free spenders and believe that the rich should be heavily taxed In order to achieve social justice. They believe in big government that reaches into every aspect of an individual’s life.  They do not support a strong defense and often look down on the military.  They believe all issues with foreign nations can be settled diplomatically and are more concerned with social issues internally than with international problems. They do not believe in the individual but do support the common good. They think Capitalism and profits are evil and need to be highly controlled as profits are minimized or eliminated.  Generally, they believe in legalizing drugs or lowering drug law penalties, they support same-sex marriages and are pro abortion yet interestingly, anti death penalty.  They often mimic people of faith.  They support open borders and think globally rather than nationally. They are generally the “Green People” that do not want drilling anywhere, and want a complete switch to alternative fuels. Yet they do not want the wind mills, solar panel farms, nuclear plants, or other energy producing plants near their homes.  They believe the Constitution to be an outmoded document that can be interpreted to support anything they wish to start.  They support schools being responsible for many lessons in life that the conservatives feel are a parental responsibility. They also want to ban the 2nd amendment – the right to bear arms. Liberal/Progressives are usually more concerned with the rights of criminals over the rights of the victims.  Obviously, the Conservative views are for the most part opposite of the above Progressive/Liberal views.

I think a case can be made to separate the nation into 2 countries. Basically if you take from Maryland north, then go west adding states that border Canada, and add the West Coast, you have the basis of a country.  The remainder of the nation could reform the Traditional United States. Obviously any state could elect to join either nation. What I am proposing is a starting place. There will be people in states that want to join the other United States rather than the one their state selected.  I propose we use the computer systems already in place to allow people to swap homes and/ or jobs in the states they want to join. Real Estate already has this as an option.  People could be given a year to accomplish this action.

The Traditional United States would have in its core beliefs:

  • Strict interpretation to the Constitution
  • Fiscally sound spending by government
  • Term limits – 2 terms for a Senator and 4 terms for a Representative.
  • Fair tax of 15% paid by all
  •  Increased personal responsibility / accountability
  • Belief in freedom of religion yet understanding the constitution did not ban government from recognizing religion but forbid the Federal and State governments from establishing a state religion.
  • Marriage would remain defined as between one man and one woman. However Civil Unions would be allowed for alternative life styles thus protecting their legal rights.
  • String military which should not be a problem since the “other US” generally looks down on them and wants to minimize any budget they get.
  • Enforcement of all laws including the death penalty in capital offenses.
  • Strong borders yet fully supportive of legal immigration.
  • Full ban on partial birth abortion. Counseling options before an early term abortion is allowed. Parental consent on abortions of girls under 17.
  • An energy policy that makes sense.  Safely drill in domestic areas for oil and natural gas. Develop the technology to use clean coal, while developing alternative fuels for the future.
  • Maintain the space exploration program. It has given us many breakthroughs in medicine and other technologies as well as knowledge of the stars.
  • Schools are a states issue and should concentrate on education rather than social issues.
  • Solve the frivolous law suits issue by a simple rule – if you lose you pay the winners court costs.

Base on the 10th Amendment, I believe the States could opt of the union as they opted in. This is the State rights amendment. Since the 10th Amendment says:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectfully, or to the People.”

Nowhere in the Constitution does it forbid a state from legally seceding. I believe a strong case could be made through federal courts in support of this interpretation of the 10th Amendment.

Before my Progressive friends yell racism, let me respond in fact that statement is in itself racist. Liberal/ Progressives are the people who usually put Americans into types or classes. I am confident based on the many people I know, the beliefs I have listed above are common to most Americans regardless of race, ethnicity or economic level. Traditional family values know no economic, ethnic or racial boundary.  They can be found in all Americans. So to imply that these values are put there to separate the races are in fact racist and could not be farther from the truth.

This is not an option I readily support. However if this nation cannot move itself back to the center right nation that it in fact is, nor if we as a people cannot not be more tolerant of dissenting views (this goes for both sides) nor if we as a people, are not willing to compromise and work on the areas we agree, then this may be the only solution short of chaos.


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Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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