Bachmann Out Of Line With Attack On Perry

In Monday night’s Debate Michele Bachmann crossed the line with her attack on Rick Perry. It was okay to raise the issue of Governor Perry issuing an Executive order forcing shots for 12-year-old girls to avoid cervical cancer. Governor Perry, though still supportive of the vaccinations, did admit he should have gone through the legislative process to approve the program.
Bachmann took it to a new low-level when she accused him of taking money from the Drug Companies to require the vaccinations to improve their sales and profits. Perry successfully pointed out he took in $30 million during that campaign in contributions. The drug Company in question contributed $5,000 to his campaign. He stated he was offended to be accused of being bought for $5,000.00. Further after the debate, she stated an attendee of the debate told her that her child had developed mental retardation from the shot. Here are some facts she failed to mention;

  • There is no evidence of Mental Retardation as a result of the shot. Bachmann should have checked the facts before she announced this “fact”. In addition, the Government has stated negative reactions to the drug occur 1/2 of 1 percent of the time. Does not sound as dangerous as the Congresswoman made it out to be. In addition, people in other states will hear the unfounded charge “the drug causes retardation”. They will not get the vaccination for their daughters. That would be a shame.
  • Congresswoman Bachmann cited her main objection came from the fact the State has no right to force young girls about 12 in age, to take the shot. Maybe so, but I do not hear her complaining about State/ School requirements for vaccinations for polio measles etc.
  • This vaccination will prevent girls from developing cervical cancer in later years. If it were me, I would want the shot for my daughter.

Up to now I have been supportive of Congresswoman Bachmann’s candidacy for either President or Vice President. However this low tactic can only help President Obama in his campaign should Governor Perry win the nomination. The Democrats will use this pointing out members of his own party accused Governor Perry of being “in bed” with the drug lobby to the detriment of the people of Texas.
All the candidates, especially Congresswoman Bachmann need to remember we cannot split the Party or Obama will win re-election. False innuendo helps no one but the Obama Re-election Committee
2012 is coming!!!!!


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Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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