NC State GOP Keeps Their Promises!!!!

Becki Grey from John Locke was recently in Edenton and shared this with me and many others. I thought it was worth sharing the status of the promises the Republican Party made if given power in Raleigh

Here is the list of the 10 Republican promises I talked about along with a few
brief notes on each:

1. Balance the state budget without raising taxes  –
Done – General Assembly voted on a $19.7B budget with Dem support, no taxes,
more recurring cuts than non-recurring
2. Make tax rates competitive –  let
temp. taxes go, debt under control – COPs bill. – working towards this – we have
highest tax rates in the SE
3. Pass the Healthcare Protection act, exempting
NC from the job killing, liberty restricting mandates of ObamaCare – GA passed
it (HB2), governor vetoed it.
4. Keep Right to Work laws intact – keep
unions out of North Carolina – look to Wisconsin to see why – they are fighting
the Teachers Union and State Employees – bill to eliminate the automatic dues
5. Reduce regulatory burden on small businesses – Regulatory
Reform Committee traveling show, many bills to get gov’t off the backs of
business, require a cost and business impact analysis on all new regs
Fund education in the classroom, not the bureaucracy – 60% of the budget, where
do you want the money to go?  Hired more teachers, smaller classroom,
deferential pay – reform, not just shifting $$ around
7. Lift the cap on
charter schools – if your regular school is failing, ought to be able to get
out, bill lifts cap and enrollment cap as well.
8. Pass a law requiring a
valid photo ID – $1M in budget to pay for it, bill passed GA, Governor vetoed
9. Eminent Domain constitutional amendment – serious about property
rights – and annexation reform after 50 years of abuse.
10. End play to pay
politics and restore honesty and integrity to state government –  waited 120
years  – lots of stuff they want to get done – very, very busy – too dog-gone
busy to get into trouble.

I think they made every attempt to keep their word. WE must support them in 2012 and help get out the ones like Governor Perdue and others that still do not get it.

2012 is coming!!!!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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