We Cannot Let The Media Do It Again

We cannot allow the Media to pick the candidates as they did in 2008.In 2008, the Mainstream Media supported Obama and McCain for president. They attacked other candidates to ensure their choice won the nomination. They then turned on McCain to ensure a Obama victory. On the Democratic side, see what they did to Hillary Clinton.

Look at what is already happening. It is easy to see they give President Obama the benefit of any doubt or criticism. They want him re-elected. Look at what is happening to Republican Candidates.  Gingrich is under attack for his comments by the mass media. Notice as his campaign fades, so does the criticism. Palin is being attacked and she is not even a candidate. Scores of reporters are sifting through old email to try to trap her.  Contrast that against Congressman Weiner and notice no calls to resign. He is a Liberal and they are privileged. Herman Cain is attacked as not a true Blackman, not a real businessman etc. Bachman is polarizing because of the ‘Dreaded Tea Party”. Pawlenty is invisible.

Now look at Mitt Romney. He has become the apple of Mainstream Media eyes. Why?  In Iowa, he is pro ethanol subsidies. In New England. he is pro global warming as  being man-made. He has refused to sign the minimum pro- life pledge. He also started Massachusetts Health care. The one that is breaking the State and appears to be the model that ObamaCare is based on. if we allow them to convince us to pick Romney, they will turn on him after the nomination to ensure a Obama victory.

Let us pick our own candidate based on issues and not allow the Media to pick the candidates and ultimately the winner of the Election in 2012. Beware of what you hear and verify everything the Media says. That way, no matter who eventually gets the Republican nomination, it will be our choice, not a Mainstream Media pick.

2012 is coming!!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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