Obama- President Or The UN or The USA?

The House of Representatives made a statement the President had just a few days left before he was in violation of the War Powers Act.  That Act requires the President to get Congressional Approval for Military Action after a 60 day period.

President Obama’s response was both enlightening and terrifying.  he stated he did not need Congressional Approval for the action in Libya, he had United Nations Approval.

Is he the President of the United States or the United Nations? Did he take an oath to uphold the Constitution or the United Nations Charter? Is it ignorance, stupidity or arrogance that allows him to believe the Constitution is a document he does not have to follow? I am not sure he knows or cares! He has to go!!!

2012 is coming!!!!!!!


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Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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2 Responses to Obama- President Or The UN or The USA?

  1. william wallace says:

    BARACK / as the USA are a member of NATO as all others have a
    voice in the UN. Its not BARACK or A USA alone in regard to LIBYA
    action against Libya via NATO / UN is a joint decision of all nations.

    There’s no sound charge against BARACK or an USA on this matter
    its but more republican nonsense trying to belittle the best president
    that the USA having ever produced. A president whom took but a very
    short time in bringing DECENCY JUSTICE to the Middle East /where
    for decades others having come as gone in only increasing division.

    The USA its people stand proud in having an president welcomed not
    rejected but welcomed on the international stage an great achievment.

    A president whom coming to govern faced with a awesome challenge
    dealing with the damge to the nation after a decade of republican govt
    a republican party rotten with corruption that brought the nation unto its
    knees // not in prayer / but in shame as in poverty / through unjust wars.

    The removing of banking regulations / which opening the bank doors to
    appalling levels of banking fraud // bringing a western banking collapse
    $billions lost / millions made unemployed / homes lost / as life savings.

    It little wonder BARACK as democrats at next election will be swept back
    into govt it but many decades /if ever there being another republican govt.

    • billmoore353 says:

      If you understood our Constitution and Laws you would understand he is reuiredto get permiission to go to War from Congress as only they can declare war.
      Fortunately for us, they are less Socialists in America and we can take back our Nation before it becomes the Socialist nightmare you call Europe. We will do our best to replace President Obama so he will have more time to help Europe finish their economic collapse.

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