CNN And The Republican Presidential Candidate Debate

I had the opportunity to watch the Republican Candidates for President debate on CNN. I thought the candidates answered thoughtfully and was glad they did not rip each other apart. I am glad they remembered they can be civil in discussion and any attack on a fellow candidate will be used in the General Election by the Democratic Party.

However, CNN made several partisan moves on Republicans. Although they held the candidates to task to answer questions, it was obvious they were not Republican supporters. Several examples come to mind:

  • The attempt to link candidates to Sarah Palin by questioning who would they pick as a running mate given the choice of VP Biden or Former Governor Palin. It was an obvious attempt to influence independent voters against anyone who picked Palin. I think the candidates answered well.
  • With issues such as the Economy, Overspending, Debt Ceiling, Unemployment, The Middle East and Over regulation, CNN wasted valuable time question candidates beliefs on Abortion and Gay Marriage. Again the idea was to influence Independent voters away from the main issues of our time.
  • Have you ever seen a Presidential Candidate Debate in a Political party end where the opposing party gets time to rebut what was said. CNN brought in Robert Gibbs, a former Obama Administration official to rebut Republican comments against the President and his Administration. I do not remember President Bush or other Republican Presidents being asked to provide people to rebut what candidates said in the opposing  party debate.
  • Then all you heard from CNN pundits were negative comments because the Republicans chose not to attack each other. One went so far as to suggest Pawlenty should have “cut Romney and caused him to bleed”.

When do we get the Media to not take sides and  play it straight? It is so obvious CNN and its affiliates are already in the Obama reelection camp. No Republican will ever get a break from Main Stream Media.

In spite of that we must move ahead to win!!

2012 is coming!!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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