Obama’s International Gifts And A Dead Magnolia Tree

“The Hill’ reported the gifts President Obama gave his hosts in Europe. Please read on!!!

If, as they say, the best gifts are homemade ones, then  the White House is on a roll this week in Europe. The star of the show? A now-dead magnolia tree that once grew on the South Lawn.

The tree fell over during severe snowstorms in 2009, but with a little help, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have  recycled it into a bevy of gifts for foreign dignitaries.

Newlyweds Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cornwall, received a  selection of seedlings and plants in a specially carved magnolia box on  Tuesday.

And on Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron was presented  with a pair of magnolia wood and silver cufflinks. The back sides were  engraved with Obama’s signature. (His very, very, small signature.)

Cameron’s wife, Sarah, also got a gift made of silver and magnolia — in her case, a bracelet with a wooden cabochon in the middle.

Thanks to “The Hill we now know he is also our “chief recycler”

2012 is coming!!!!


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