Bin Laden, Obama and Bush

Again my congratulations to President Obama for his decision to capture and kill Bin Laden. However, we must remember some credit must go to President Bush.

If we go back to the Clinton Administration we will remember the Administration decided to change how the CIA and other intelligence agencies did business. The Clinton Administration banned dealing with “unsavory characters “. That effectively shutdown our intelligence gathering capabilities.

When President Bush took over, the CIA and other agencies were shadows of what they were. They had little to no intelligence gathering capabilities. After 9-11, it took the Bush Administration until 2005 to rebuild the contacts around the world to begin the search for Bin Laden. Bush was too much of a leader to place the blame on a previous President, so he took the heat for not locating Bin Laden.

Also remember, the information that helped identify where Bin Laden was located, apparently came from enhanced interrogation. Both from KSM in Gitmo  (waterboarding) and in CIA holding prisons in other nations such as Poland. This process is known as rendition, where we allow other Nations to hold and use whatever means necessary to get intelligence from prisoners. Keep in mind it was the Obama Administration that banned these types of enhanced interrogations shortly after taking office.

In conclusion, without President Bush’s decision to rebuild our intelligence networks coupled with the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, President Obama would not have had the capability to locate Bin Laden in order to terminate him. Kudos to both for a job well done. President Obama needs to recognize those facts.

For those curious as to my source, much of it came from an interview on 5/3/2011 between Congressman Mike Rodgers, Chairmen of the House Intelligence Committee and radio personality Bill Bennett.

2012 is coming!!!!


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