As Hard As It Is, The US Must Stay Out Of Libya

As Hard As It Is, The United States Must Stay Out Of Libya. Let us consider the simple facts:

  • It is a Revolution that is developing into a Civil War. We have not intervened in other conflicts where the government, either democratic or a dictatorship, was being overthrown. Iran, China are just 2 examples 
  • Neither side wants us there
  • To establish a “no fly zone” requires an attack on Libyan anti – aircraft sites. This will cause death and possible collateral damage. The American Public does not support such damage  
  • We are currently involved in 2 wars – Iraq and Afghanistan
  • We currently have Troops stationed in Korea in a highly volatile situation with North Korea
  • We can no longer afford to be the Policeman of the World and further shed the Blood of Our National Treasure ( OUR Troops)
  • Just as important, our leaders, we sacrifice additional ” National Treasure”  as we do not allow our military to use everything in their arsenal to defeat the enemy quickly. This causes additional US casualties. I am not talking a nuclear option. We have fought all our wars since WWII with our soldiers having one hand tied behind their back. If it was not boundaries we could not cross to chase and defeat the enemy, it was other political decisions that put our troops in danger. They also include when to engage, how to engage, what weapons we could use and how it would affect the locals or other nations.
  • We can no longer afford to pay for conflicts that do not directly have a major effect on US interests, as Congress has created a Financial Crisis in this Nation 
  • 85% of the oil produced in Libya goes to Europe. Let them take the lead this time. It is in their national interest. 

The US should continue to monitor the situation in Libya but allow our European Allies to handle the situation. Let them spend their money and blood in settling the Libyan issue. 

You decide for yourself based on the above facts. 

2012 is coming!!!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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One Response to As Hard As It Is, The US Must Stay Out Of Libya

  1. Bill Hall says:

    Agree Wholeheartedly!
    In addition any incursion by the US would be cause for Al Quadi and other fundamantalist extremist groups to put forth the case that we were trying to “set up” some type of puppet government. The backlash would be that any moderates would be slenced for fear of reprisals. Also the rebels are heavily finance with small and medium arms i.e. rifles, anti-aircreaft, and anti-tank weapons appearing overnight along with the trainers and much ammunition. Apparrantly a logistics system is also in place. Who is financing and training the rebels – as individual libyans did not have the right under the present regime to keep and bear arms.

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