We are a Nation in crisis. Ever-growing debt, jobs and an unpopular Health Law are just three examples. Yet, the Senate takes a two-week vacation after returning for just one day into the new session. In the House they have stopped all actions for a week in reaction to the terrible tragedy in Arizona. The Senate shut down before  the Arizona shootings.

One would think they have many things to work on and must be working hard to get ready to return to work. However, what is on everyone’s mind in Congress? What is the big Debate going on? Is it The Debt Ceiling? Is it Health Care Reform or Repeal? Is it cutting taxes to create jobs?

NO!!!!!! It is – Should the Republicans and Democrats sit together for the President’s State of the Union Address in a few weeks. Supposedly the Democrats want to do it to show solidarity after the Arizona tragedy. Perhaps the real reason is to not allow the Press to see large areas of a Republican controlled Congress not applauding and standing during parts of the President’s Speech. With them mixed, it would appear to the camera, the President has general support for whatever he proposes.

The Real Shame is Seating is not IMPORTANT. ACTIONS are Important!!!!! Rome is burning and our leadership is more concerned where they sit during the fire!!!!!!   Here is a novel idea – Lets do something to put out the fire before it consumes the Nation!!!!

The Republicans had better do what they said they would do. If so they will get our support. If not – we will vote in additional people who will do what the people want them to accomplish!!!!! 

 2012 is coming!!!!!!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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