Voting Irregularities or Desperate Liberal Acts

So far we have experienced the following in early Voting or Absentee Voting:

In Nevada, it there are charges Electronic voting machines were set to vote for Harry Reid before a voter entered the booth. Powers that be claim it is not possible. Good news is the SEIU are the state employees that in charge of the booths but the State claims not the programs for voting.  

In North Carolina, at least 12 machines, in at least 2 counties so far, have a glitch in the  electronic voting program. These machines allow you to touch 1 area and vote strictly by party. During early voting, it was discovered if you touched the screen for Republican, the machine voted for all Democrats. The State claims it was a calibration problem. the machines will be calibrated daily to avoid the issue. However, there is no way to discover or correct any incorrect votes tabulated before the discovery.

In Ohio, an address that was a vacant lot had 250 people ask for absentee ballots using that address as their home.  

It appears we must stay on our guard and not only vote but be aware of the possible tampering of your vote. 

Accidents? or a coordinated effort to get the votes necessary to avoid total disaster at the Polls.

November is coming… and 2012 is not far behind!!!!


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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