Republicans and the Tea Party

The Republican Party needs to come to grips with the Tea Party movement. When the Tea Party was born, the Republicans were worried the Tea Party would become a third political party. They loudly courted the Tea Party and asked them to join them under a Republican umbrella.  

The Tea Party people agreed to support Republican candidates where they agreed philosophically. In addition, they decided to run their own candidates in Republican Primaries challenging candidates  with who they disagreed, even if they were running for reelection. The Republican expected the Tea Party and their candidates to respect the results of the primaries and support the winner. It does not appear to be a two-way street in some cases.

The Establishment Republicans are taking positions that does not appear to be Tea Party friendly. Only after an outcry of the  grassroots people did the National Republican Senatorial Committee agree to support Joe Miller in Alaska  and Sharon Angle in Nevada. Many appear not to be supporting Christine O’Donnell in Delaware claiming she cannot win. They forget she is the Peoples Choice. 

Worse than that, when incumbents are defeated in the primaries, instead off congratulating the Tea Party winner and pledging their support, they choose to run as independents or write in candidates. One has so far has chosen not to endorse the person that beat him. Examples are Governor Chris in Florida, Senator Murkowski in Alaska and Congressman Castle in Delaware. All this does is help a Democrat to victory by splitting the vote. 

If this continues, it could possibly start to convince Tea Party members that they need to consider a third-party based on the Conservative Principals that they all support.

In addition, elected leaders of the Republican Party have publicly stated they did not want to work with any Tea Party candidate elected to Congress. That does not feel too welcoming. 

Unless the Republican Party wants to allow the Democrats to stay in control in Washington, they must give the same respect to Tea Party winners in the primaries as they expected to get if the Tea Party candidate lost. By uniting behind winners of primaries, we can put a stop to the wrong direction this nation is headed. Continue to be divisive, and we will get 2 more years of this. I am not sure America, as we know it, will survive.    

Instead of working toward the common goal, many of the Republican leadership’s actions indicate egos and status quo are more important than saving the nation. We must unite. In order to do so, Republicans at all levels must understand there is a renewed spirit crossing this land. This spirit is grassroots and does not like the way the nation is being governed, nor the attitude that Washington knows best.  Republican leadership need to fully accept the Tea Party winners and fully support them. By doing so, we can begin to bring our nation back to the values that made this nation great. The Constitution says it best. WE THE PEOPLE… make up this nation not the Washington Beltway. I pray we all come together  to win because

November is coming………


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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