Arizona- The State Obama Loves to hate

Arizona is the State President Obama and his Administration love to hate. Let us see what they have done so far.

  1. They sued Arizona claiming the new illegal alien law conflicts with Federal Law
  2. They reported Arizona to the United Nations for Human Rights violations concerning Illegal Aliens
  3. They are investigating Sheriff Joe Apraio, an Arizona Sheriff, for human rights violations concerning illegal aliens

Byron York has reported the Federal government is going to new lengths to attack Arizona for its stance on Illegal Aliens.

  •  They now suing Maricopa Community College (in the same county as Sheriff Apraio) for human rights violations since they require new job applicants  to show they have a “Green Card”   

As a matter of fact, York reports he has received, under a Freedom of Information request, a report that indicates the attacks on Sheriff Apraio are baseless and possibly political. In March of 2009, the  Justice Department started an investigation of Sheriff Apraio’ Office claiming there were alleged practices of discrimination and unconstitutional searches. 

However, what is not being shared is the fact in September 2008, The Immigration & Customs Enforcement ( ICE) did a full review of Sheriffs Apraio and his staff and gave them a clean bill of health. They evaluated the 189 officers under the sheriff and in fac trained them in Federal Enforcement of immigration laws.  The report concluded Sheriff Apraio and his office handled illegals in a proper manner and was in fact complying with the MOA( Memorandum of Agreement) that authorized them to enforce Federal immigration laws. Ice further stated the y were complying with Federal requirements of no discrimination and cited the great cooperation between the Sheriff’s office and ICE and Federal Prosecutors.

6 months later, Holder and his Justice Department have found a lack of cooperation and cause to believe there is great discrimination. Political?  You Bet. Proof Obama and his Band of Progressives are out to get Arizona  every way they can. Even if they have to make it up!

November is coming…………


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