Maybe Its Me But….

Maybe its me but…………

  • Didn’t Nancy Pelosi demonstrate just how out of touch she is with Main Street America with her comments on the need to investigate the financial backers of the Anti Mosque movement in NY. The more she talks the more she hurts Democrats.
  • President Obama took a local issue over the Mosque Building in NY and made it a national one by commenting on the right to build the mosque one day and then talking about the wisdom of doing so the next day.
  • The Stimulus was not meant to allow cities like Dayton Ohio to use $500,000.00 in stimulus funds to put smart chips in people’s recycle cans so they can monitor if the homeowner is actually recycling. In a neighboring city, Cleveland, they are planning a similar plan and will have inspector come after the can has not been moved to the street in a number of weeks as reported by the chip.  Fines are being considered.  
  • States like NC that received $300 million dollars in Teacher Jobs Saving Federal Money and did not need it should not just spend it. States that receive this money that comes with few strings should put the money away for next year budgets to minimize expected shortages.
  • How can we expect the Administration to understand the effects its policy has on business when only about 7% of his Cabinet and sub Cabinet appointees have any business experience.  The next lowest Administrations were JFK at 28%, Carter at 30%, Clinton 38%. The highest was Eisenhower 58%, Reagan 56%, Bush 1 & 2 53%, At 50 % were FDR and Truman.  Obama has an Administration filled  with Academia and not real world experience.
  • look for Raleigh to revive a December 2008 idea of a Vehicle Mileage Tax. In Dec 2008, a state commission called the 21st Century Transportation Commission,  recommended a Vehicle Mileage Tax. The state was losing revenue as gas prices were hovering near $4/ gallon that past summer and fall. People started driving less and state revenues dropped. The Democrats in Raleigh considered a 1/4 of 1 cent per mile tax. It would have a 2,000 mile exemption. If passed, it would have cost a driver of 12,000 miles annually about $25.00 / year. GPS  technology would have enabled the State to track mileage. Next Year’s budget will be worse and they will be looking for additional revenues. Maybe we should be asking the candidates now as to their position on the matter.
  • It seems when the people do what the government asks, the will pay both with sacrifice and cash. As an example, during a drought a few years ago in Charlotte, they asked the people to cut back on water usage.  When the city lost revenue from water sales they tried to raise rates to cover their revenue shortages. You might think the government might try to cut back on expenses instead of rate increases.
  • Does anyone think the Israelis will wait too much longer before settling the Iraq Nuclear Issue?  I predict an attack before Labor Day.

Let’s all go green and recycle government!

November is coming……..


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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