How Can Republicans Win in November?

There is much talk about how Republicans can win in November. There are some saying they need to unveil a plan. Still others think they should do nothing and just run against the Democratic record. 

It is my belief the answer lies in addressing the public and giving them what they want. What do the majority of Americans want? Lets summarize: 

  • Americans want leaders at all levels of government that do not believe they are better than the people.  The Washington and Raleigh Elite believe they know what is right for the people they represent and do not care what we think. Maybe its time to put people in office that did not graduate from the elitist schools nor have an elitist attitude.  
  • Americans want Representatives that will listen to them and do what is right for the people regardless of Party.
  • Americans want Representatives that say what they mean and then do what they say
  • Americans want Representatives that will read bills before they pass them.
  • Americans want Representatives that will pass bills that are complete before becoming a law. They do not want political appointees to decide what the laws and regulations are, nor decide what they mean. 
  • Americans want laws passed that are not full of pork.
  • Americans want Energy Laws that will eventually move us to energy independence while fully utilizing the natural resources in our country. These laws should not destroy Business. We need to develop the technology to make our resources like coal burn free.
  •  Americans want a reasonable solution to the Illegal immigrant issue after the Borders are Secured.  
  • Americans want to put an end to deficit spending. Live within your means.
  • Americans do not want tax increases
  • Americans want the Government to stop interfering in Business by becoming owners of select companies. Sell off our shares.
  • Americans want Health Care Reform but want the current Health Care Law repealed. Start over to fix what needs fixing, but not a major overhaul of a system that was working. 
  • Americans want the government to help people become more responsible, not more dependant.
  • Most of all, Americans want the Government to work on Job Creation so people can again find work.  
  • Finally, the American People want our elected leaders to follow the Constitution

If the Republicans listen to the people and give them what they want, they will be successful.  However, if they break their promises after election and join the “elite’, they will cause the birth of a new party.  

Remember; November is coming……..


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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