As we approach the 2010 Mid- Term elections on the Federal level. We cannot forget the situation in Raleigh with the entire North Carolina State Government in Democratic hands. It is time to reflect what the Party in power had promised and then actually implemented.  

In the last State elections, the Democrats, led by then candidate now Governor Bev Perdue,  made a series of promises to the people of North Carolina. They insisted they would be mindful of the economy  and the unemployment issues in the State. They claimed they would do everything in their power not to have state government reach into the pockets of people who could ill afford to lose any additional income due to increased taxes. Did they look to responsibility and fairly cut the budget and stay out of the North Carolina Citizens pockets? They raised the sales tax by 1%, raiding everyone’s pocket and causing additional people living near the border with another state to shop over that border. Everyone in Education was told to return  to 2% of their salary to the state to help close the budget gap. Even that was not applied fairly. Teachers who worked a fraction of the year were forced to return the 2% based on what their salary would have been if they worked the entire year. 

Politicians in Raleigh cannot help them cannot help themselves when ever a pot of money is within their reach. The State Lottery is a prime example.  According to the March 2010 issue of Civitas Review, the Governor and the Majority Party, The Democrats, borrowed $50 million dollars from the Educational Reserve Lottery Fund with one month of the Governor taking office. In addition, they diverted over 37 million dollars from the Public School Building Capital Trust Fund to the General Fund  to meet obligations for 2008-09. The  Capital Trust funds were returned in August 2009.  For 2009-2010 up to 69 million dollars will be reallocated from the public school construction to the General Fund.  In addition, the Sate suspended a practice of earmarking a portion of the state corporate taxes tha was designated for public school construction. 

It is time for the people of North Carolina to elect leaders on all levels that understand fiscal responsibility. These new leaders must understand that if money is put into a “Locked Box” it cannot be raided if funds are needed to sustain their overspending habits. Historically, states pass the Lottery as a way to pay for Education. Equally true Legislatures, and Governors will take that lottery revenue and put it in Education while reducing their allocated funding from state coffers. The leadership of the State of North Carolina has gone one better, they are both reducing contributions and taking additional lottery funds to finance the General Fund costs.   

In order to change the attitude in Raleigh, it is necessary to elect people who understand it is not their money but the money of the people of North Carolina. We must send elected officials to Raleigh who believe in a fiscally responsible government, cutting taxes, and helping people to be more responsible as individuals.


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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