President Obama was absolutely correct in accepting the resignation of General McChrystal. As a retired Army Officer, I understand the training officers get in not criticizing the Commander-in-Chief nor getting involved in politics while in uniform. The General and his staff crossed the line.

President Obama handled the resignation with grace pointing out the many achievements the General has had in his career.  He further pointed out there was no professional disagreement between the two of them. Unfortunately,this modern-day American Hero and his staff, embarrassed the Commander-in-Chief. Those criticisms, regardless of how true the statements were, are unacceptable for any uniformed officer in the United States Military.

Although the action was justified, I pray the Nation will not allow one misdeed to taint an otherwise brilliant military career.


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Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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  1. Bill Hall says:

    When the general made the comments, he knew he would be relieved. The comments were probably the bravest thing a career military officer could do. I admire Gen McChristal more so because he put his greatest responsibility namely the lives of all who served under him over his career. When a officer of this calibre in a command position has to commit career suicide to influence decision making – it is a sad state of affairs.
    Remember when the Captain of the ship dove into the water and the seal sharpshooters were not allowed to take out the pirates – who then recaptured the Captain. Blunders like this happen when you have to call the white house for permission.
    In wars past, a commander led and was given what he needed to get the job done. When possible, he asked, received, planned, led and was victorious. It is no longer so. In fact, the white house largely ignored Gen McChristal from the outset basically looking for a figurehead instead of a commander. Lucky for the troops – they got a real commander.

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